Obama's gift to tourism in Tuscany

Michelle and Barack Obama's stay put the Tuscan countryside at the center of the world with broad prospects for real estate investment and tourism.

Michelle and Barack Obama's stay put the Tuscan countryside at the center of the world with broad prospects for real estate investment and tourism.

The former president returns to the United States together with his wife after offering Italy and Tuscany a great opportunity on world tourism markets by making known to the world the property of former US ambassador John Phillips.

Michelle walking in the country, Obama on bicycle or on the golf course. Visit to Siena to admire the majesty of Simone Martini and the Cathedral of Siena close by with a dinner in a historic center. "A vacation in full relaxation" would recite the claim of the spot that sees as the protagonist the world's oldest man in the world.
Former President called during the recent disasters that have affected Italy to witness the historical importance of the destroyed heritage, to raise awareness among the powerful in the world and to urge the sending of economic aid, a kind of investor and nowadays Buyers or tourists. Local tourism could not ask for better.

There are many of Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany. They are rural villages, small villages abandoned over the years and reduced to ruins, black spots on a panorama that still provides an invaluable added value and the result of the work of breeders and farmers who characterize, though with extreme difficulty, the Tuscan territory.
John Phillips fell in love with the medieval village of Buonconvento, as it often happens to foreign tourists arriving in Italy, and if they are inexpensive, they often become investors.
The architect, Phillips, has found him in place, as well as builders and maneuvers who have been able to retrieve original materials, wood and stone, to carry out an architectural recovery and not a new work, and thus to heal what the abandonment had product.

If anyone who looks today with sorrow or sarcasm at Obama's failed visit to Florence, luckily there are also millions of eyes that have been scrutinizing behind Michelle and Obama, wishing the Tuscan landscape.
A chosen Siena, close to the chosen place of residence, is to honor the Palio City by democratically distributing Tuscan pride on a chessboard that sees every little spot close to a major touristic spot and invites once more to To know better the territory, avoiding the flooding of the streams that creates disadvantages to the big urban centers at the expense of smaller town planning jewels, yet of exceptional beauty.

Tuscany in an unprecedented industrial crisis, in some cases orphaned by a world famous craftsmanship, has been rediscovered as a tourist destination of excellence, and without its knowledge it is full of opportunities.

All this will have undoubted prospects on the tourism sector in Tuscany but also on real estate investments in Tuscany.



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