Tuscany Villas real estate agency offers exclusive services for buying and selling properties in Tuscany

Tusscany Villas real estate agency in Tuscany offers exclusive services for the buying and selling of properties in Tuscany.

Our exclusive services:
Real Estate Brokerage
Sale  of villas, entire buildings, farmhouse, resort in Tuscany
Professional expertise for the identification of the market values ​​of the properties.
Technical services
energy certification, reliefs and graphic rendering, verifying compliance, pilings, construction practices (DIA / SCIA - amnesty - roominess - etc).
Preliminary checks mortgage and cadastral
accurate and preliminary investigations on the mortgage and land situations of property, to guarantee a safe purchase.
Loans and financing
Resolution of any financial problem through proposals of loans and financing at better terms, at major banks.
Preparation of a set of informative material on the property treaties, including floor plans, accurate measurements with calculation of the commercial square footage and walkable, outline plans, renderings illustrative of the various design solutions.
Preliminary, Final and Executive
Real estate valuation

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