The luxury real estate market value

Analysis of luxury real estate market value in Tuscany in 2016 rising trend

The market for luxury properties in Tuscany in the first half of 2016 marks a continuing trend of growth in the number of transactions in the wake of a more general trend in the residential sector.
While considering the territorial differences there was a common trend marked by a demand for increasingly concrete prestigious homes.
The realignment of prices, on the one hand, reduced the distance between owners and buyers about the market value of property by encouraging the realignment between domada and demand.
The market recovery has partly generated a natural bid selection process.
The properties that, in terms of price and amount of elementicontestualizzati, meet the needs of clients looking for quality solutions, are performing well.
On the other hand, offer for sale by time, which, however, does not have these characteristics, gradually tends to exit the market.
Customers become more and more focused in its real estate shopping experience, with a very clear idea at the zone level and characteristics.
This results in faster sales times and a greater awareness on market values, even generating a lower incidence of discounts at the time of closure of negotiations.
It is expected therefore that the positive trend in terms of demand and transactions with prices tend to stabilize, but continue for 2017.



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