Luxury tourist real estate market: Tuscany always at the top

Tuscan luxury real estate market traces the sector. Good also the purchase and sale of valuable properties

The summer vacation period has already begun and even this year a small group of lucky vacationers will spend their holidays renting a luxury home in one of the most popular tourist areas.
The Italian tourist real estate market is one of the main sectors of the Italian economy. Italy is a country that bases many of its forces on tourism and hospitality, also in consideration of the fact that every year millions of visitors from all over the world arrive in the Bel Paese.

Luxury tourist rentals in Tuscany at the top
As for the luxury tourist real estate market to drive the sector is Tuscany, without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Industry studies have reported that in recent years there has been an exponential growth in short-term rentals, particularly for B & B and holiday homes.
In the first place we find Tuscany, which attracts 14% of the requests, followed by Puglia and Lombardy, both with 12%, so we find Campania with 10% of the demand and Sicily with 9%. The ranking is different when the offer is considered as a benchmark, with over half of the prestigious properties being leased, which is concentrated in Tuscany (17%), Sicily (13%), Puglia (12%) and Lazio (10%). ).

The buildings with large sizes are the most requested
From the analysis of the portal it emerged that the average surface of these buildings exceeds 160 square meters, an extension that rises to over 250 square meters for those who decide to spend their holidays in Sicily. In 40% of luxury ads there is a swimming pool, while 15% of the properties have a jacuzzi. Looking at the duration of the lease, we note that the average rental period is about 7 days, with a 12-day peak for Sardinia, while the expenditure incurred is around 1,250 euros per week.

Good also the sale of valuable properties
The data of the last ten years confirm that this real estate sector has grown strongly, as it involves a share of affluent buyers whose economic conditions depend little on Italy's economic situation. In addition, luxury homes have benefited from the return to Italy of many foreign investors, mainly from the United States and England.
As regards the characteristics of the buildings, the apartments and residences located in central areas are very much chosen. The smaller sizes, up to 90 square meters, are often chosen by entrepreneurs who travel for work, who decide to have a high-level accommodation even when they are away on business, while the larger houses, up to 300 square meters, are choices for both an investment and a second home.



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